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Sync-Rx Ltd.

Founded in December 2007, Sync-Rx, Ltd. is aiming to optimize and facilitate trans-catheter cardiovascular interventions by means of automated on-line image processing. The Companys current focus is on coronary catheterizations. Applications in structural heart disease will follow.

The Sync-Rx TM System is an add-on online image processing workstation that requires no changes whatsoever to currently-used equipment and workflow. It emphasizes simplicity, speed and automation. 
During device positioning and deployment, the Sync-Rx System automatically generates, side-by-side to the native X-Ray image stream, an Enhanced and Stabilized Image Stream TM on line and in real time.

The emerging use of imaging catheters (such as IVUS and OCT) generates images that are displayed separately from the X-Ray, with no association between the two types of images. Sync-Rx Version 3 will feature automated on-line co-registration of the X-Ray with endo-luminal imaging.

The Sync-Rx System has already received the following regulatory clearances: FDA, CE and the Israeli Ministry of Health.